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Your Selling Your Business Checklist Should Include an IP Audit

This post is part of the Mergers & Acquisitions blog series focusing on selling your business. By April Price Nearly every business has intellectual property concerns when selling their business.  Unfortunately, many business owners fail to recognize or appreciate the valuable intellectual property rights they have. Some common examples of intellectual property that go unrecognized…

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Letters of Intent: An M & A Best Practice?

By: Brett Marshall A letter of intent often, but not always, follows the execution of a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement and the initial round of negotiations between the parties contemplating an acquisition. The letter of intent describes the key economic and procedural terms that will form the foundation for further negotiation of the definitive agreement….

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For Sale: Your Business

By: Scott Van Vooren This blog post is the start of Lane & Waterman’s M & A Blog Series. Most business owners have never sold a business before.  Selling your business for maximum value is a process.  It takes time, commitment, and collaboration.  You should have a well-thought out plan in order to maximize the value…

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