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Your Selling Your Business Checklist Should Include an IP Audit

This post is part of the Mergers & Acquisitions blog series focusing on selling your business. By April Price Nearly every business has intellectual property concerns when selling their business.  Unfortunately, many business owners fail to recognize or appreciate the valuable intellectual property rights they have. Some common examples of intellectual property that go unrecognized…

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Bring Your Own Device Policy Acceptance

Managing the Risks of Bring Your Own Device Policies

By Josh McIntyre The expansion of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices was the hot trend in IT circles just a few years ago.  According to a 2014 TechPro Research Survey, 74% of employers allowed employees to use their own mobile devices for work or planned to permit use within 12 months.  BYOD was often…

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Patent How-To

Lane & Waterman patent attorney, April Price, revisits her blog post, “So you have a great idea, now what?” with this patent process infographic.    

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Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

By: Diane Reinsch Your website is your welcome mat to the outside world, telling others about what you do and who you are. You worked hard to send the right message, choose the right colors, and make it user friendly. A person with a disability wants to visit your website, but cannot do so because it…

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Does Facebook own your faceprint?

By: Josh McIntyre Before it became the name of the world’s largest social media network, a “face book” was a print or online directory of photographs designed to help students recognize their classmates.  Facebook has lived up to that name so well that it is now threatened with billions of dollars in fines for allegedly…

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