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Five Questions with… Brett Marshall

Brett Marshall, this week’s “Five Questions with…” feature, tells us how his childhood shaped his interest in the law. What made you want to become a lawyer? I grew up in a rough area. For some reason, we all thought beating each other up was the best way to solve problems. During my years in…

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Does Facebook own your faceprint?

By: Josh McIntyre Before it became the name of the world’s largest social media network, a “face book” was a print or online directory of photographs designed to help students recognize their classmates.  Facebook has lived up to that name so well that it is now threatened with billions of dollars in fines for allegedly…

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Five Questions with… Diane Puthoff

This week’s “Five Questions with…” feature Diane Puthoff infuses creativity into her law practice and has passed that on to her Lego-building children. What made you want to become a lawyer? I grew up knowing the law as my father is also a lawyer and former judge.  I can recall at a young age poking…

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Estate Planning for Millennials

By: Sam Skorepa 92% of adults under the age of 35 do not have a Will. That is a staggering statistic, collected during a 2011 Harris Interactive survey, which begs the question – Why? There are many reasons why you may not engage an attorney to draft an Estate Plan. Cost, lack of assets, and…

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Five Questions with… Mikkie Schiltz

Meet Mikkie, a small-town Iowa native who enjoys sports, Toy Story, and Constitutional Law. What made you want to become a lawyer? I always had it in the back of my mind.  During my sophomore year in college, I took a Constitutional Law class and loved it.  I knew then law school was for me….

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