Appeals Court Affirms Summary Judgment for Hult

Catherine Hult Attorney At Law

Catherine E. Hult, an attorney with Lane & Waterman LLP, successfully defended her client’s Summary Judgment ruling in the case of “Thompson Family Holdings vs. Martin” which was affirmed by the Iowa Court of Appeals.  The case involved a complicated chain of title wherein there was a foreclosure and sheriff’s deed to Hult’s clients while at the same time there was an administration of an estate with a subsequent executor’s deed to the Appellants.  Appellants sought to challenge the validity of the foreclosure based on the notices provided in the foreclosure proceedings.  The District Court and Appellate Judges Vogel, Vaitheswaran, and Bower ruled in favor of Hult’s clients based on Iowa Code section 614.22(2) that the sheriff’s deed and the foreclosure proceeding leading to the sheriff’s deed were valid and unimpeachable.